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Тест входно ниво

Name Class


Underline the correct answers: A, B, C or D as in the example 0.

0 What are you __________ about?

A think B thought C thinking D to think

1 My friends __________ on the computer.

A often chat B chat often C are often chatting D are chatting often

2 At the moment we __________ our clothes.

A wash B are wash C washing D are washing

3 What’s that noise? __________ again?

A She is shouting B She shouts C Is she shouting D Does she shout

4 That’s right. I __________ with you.

A agree B am agree C am agreeing D agreeing

5 My brother is really __________ He can’t sit quietly for two minutes!

A modest B lively C arrogant D generous

6 They are coming this afternoon. __________?

A They are B Do they C Are they D Will they

7 My brother’s got a job at the bank. __________?

A Is he B Has he C He has D Does he

8 I’m __________ a teacher when I finish my studies.

A being B going to C going to be D be

9 He’s usually friendly but now he __________ to be alone.

A want B wants C is wanting D does want

10 I must go. I __________ Sara for lunch.

A meet B meeting C ’m meeting D ’m meet

11 Could you tell me where __________?

A is the telephone B the telephone is C the telephone D does the telephone

12 Could you tell me what time __________?

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