Пон, 13- ти Юли
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Тест входно ниво

A the concert starts B is the concert starting C the concert does start D does the concert start

13 We’re going to cross America __________ foot.

A by B to C on D at

14 Yesterday I __________ really ill

A feel B fall C fell D felt

15 I __________ about the problem for along time but I didn’t know what to do.

A think B thank C thought D taught

16 Why __________ me from the station last night?

A didn’t you telephone B you didn’t telephone C you don’t telephone D don’t you telephone

17 He __________ want to come with us yesterday.

A doesn’t B didn’t C don’t D not

18 __________ you the letter last week?

A Does John give B Did John give C John did give D John gave

19 I __________ to be quiet but now I’m not.

A use B did C was D used

20 They __________ to like us but now they do

A didn’t use B used C didn’t used D didn’t

21 Where __________ to go on holidays?

A did you B did you used C you used D did you use

22 Did you find __________ who took your coat?

A out B up C in D about

23 What makes you feel really __________?

A annoy B annoys C annoyed D annoying

24 He’s always very __________ to listen to

A interesting B interest C interested D interests

25 What __________ when the accident happened?

A he was doing B was he doing C he did D he did

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